India And Automotive Recycling

However, India’s auto recycling or auto shredding ecosystem is still in its infancy. The sector is largely dominated by the unorganized sector. Areas like Mayapuri & Jama Masjid in Delhi, Kurla in Mumbai, Pudupet in Chennai, are the current graveyards for scrap vehicles.The activities in these areas is largely unorganized and unregulated. This means that the recycling process is primarily carried out without sophisticated equipment& processes. The recovery and efficiency is also low. The processes not only pose health hazards, they also inherently have serious security loopholes.Health hazards surrounding the markets have attracted attention in the past. There was a case of radiation caused due to Cobalt 60 pencils, a few years ago. Lead batteries too are harmful in content. Oils from vehicles drained off on roads, result in extremely unhygienic conditions around. The practice of gas cutting creates enormous amount of pollution, and makes it impossible to breathe – worsening the abysmal condition of air quality which exists in Delhi either ways.In addition to the existing pipeline of old vehicles that stream into these markets, the government is drafting the much-needed End of Life policy for cars. With the average life of a car in India being 18 years, as against 9.73 years in Europe, vehicles run way beyond their expiry date. The effect is obvious: An old car produces as much as 10 times the emission of new cars, owning to obsolete technology, etc. The Delhi government, to begin with, has drafted a policy to scrap 37 lakh vehicles older than 15 years, roughly 37% of the cars registered in Delhi.”There is no rule at present to guide the police or the government as to what is to be done with the vehicles after they are impounded. The new rules will create a mechanism to ensure proper disposal of old vehicles. This is going to be a first-of-its-kind policy in India,” commissioner (transport) Varsha Joshi had told Hindustan Times.The question is now this: Does Delhi (or India) have adequate and right capacity to recycle these old cars?India will need to borrow best practices followed in Europe & US to help raise the automobile recycling practices to an organized level.In this process, the vehicle is first sent for de-pollution. De-pollution Process safely removes all hazardous waste – batteries, air bags, gas cylinders, mercury switches, tyres, air conditioning units, fluids and oils – this is done through sophisticated machinery. The vehicle is then sent for dismantling where good parts are removed for further resale/use. Remainder of the vehicle is then pressed/ sheared.The pressed vehicle is then sent to the shredder plant for further processing.During shredding 3 components of the automobile are segregated:• Ferrous – recycled into material
• Non-ferrous – recycled into material
• Shredded residue – this is sent to landfills or further recycled to the extent possibleThe organized process is carried out through machines as against brute force used in unorganized markets. Near zero pollution & waste is produced as a result of these organized processes.The result is a circular economy, where steel scrap produced is reused, and dependence on extraction of natural resources as well as on imports of steel scrap is reduced (India currently imports steel scrap to the tune of 8 million tonnes). Hence, the need of the hour for the Indian context is not only an efficient End-of-Life vehicle policy, but also organized vehicle recycling practices.

I Want to Start an Automotive Car Detailing Company

I see that you are considering starting an automotive car detailing company and that is a good choice because there are over 250 million cars in the United States of America in each year automakers sell another 17 million cars throughout our country. Let’s face it we are a car nation and therefore it makes sense if you’re going to start a small business of you’re own or a home based business you will want to start a company where you could have lots of customers.Since everyone owns a car it makes sense to start in automotive car detailing company. But you need to consider a strategy of which type of customers you’re going to go after and how best to market to those customers. Often we see new automotive car detailing companies buying expensive phonebook ads and this is unfortunate because your best customers always come from referrals or friends of friends.It takes a while to get the hang of car detailing because each car is a little different, but eventually you can become a master of the trade. There are two types of main customers in auto car detailing; there is the wholesale detail customer like car lots and auto dealerships and there is the customer who is a private party who owns a very expensive car and wants to keep it in pristine shape.The going rate for wholesale auto detailing for car dealerships is between 50 and $75. But the average going rate for detailing for private parties can be his high as $100 to $200. Now you can see why so many people want to get into the automotive car detailing business and start a business in automotive car detailing of their own.But I must warn you it is not easy work and if you do not do good job then you will not have the referrals you need to make a lot of money in the future. Every business is a risk and this is something you should consider in 2006.

Automotive Equipment Distributors And Suppliers

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